2020 Nail Pictures Daquan. Nail Pictures Watermelon Pattern

How can summer without watermelon be considered a complete summer. Therefore, nails without a watermelon pattern are also imperfect summer nails. Today I will introduce a few watermelon manicures, so don’t miss them.

The creative watermelon design makes the whole finger look playful, cute and full of energy, just like the naughty elf of summer.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 1

How can only watermelon be? Watermelon peel can also be used as a manicure factor, and the texture on the watermelon peel is a very technical test.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 2

If you don’t think you can draw well, we can try the watermelon on your fingertips first.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 3

The combination of purple and watermelon has a unique feeling.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 4

Watermelon peel and watermelon tincture can also be painted separately.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 5

This beautiful and cute watermelon nail will definitely make you feel warm in this autumn and winter.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 6

Whoever said it must be big red, the impact of pink and green is very noticeable.

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 7

Seeing whether these little watermelons have the urge to bite them down, you must not miss this beautiful and fun watermelon nail !

Watermelon Nail Tutorial 8
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