2020 New Year Nail Art Picture. Beautiful Cartoon Nails

It’s almost the Spring Festival in 2020. At the beginning of the new year, nothing is more appropriate than the beautiful cartoon nails. The various dull looks are just too pity. Red, blue, orange, all kinds of colors with cute pig pattern do not have a flavor.

Don’t know what nail art for Chinese New Year? Of course, red is the most festive. Red is an indispensable element for the new year. When you add red nails, it is more white, even if the skin color is darker, you can hold it.

The lucky cat pattern is also very cute. The manicure of the lucky cat means a lot of money for the new year. The lucky cats are smiling to help you find money. I hope that you will be lucky in the new year and that you will use bells and flowers. The whole picture is full of happiness. .

Coral Orange is a popular nail color starting in 2020. It is a vibrant color that can be beautiful whether it is blooming or jumping.

Japanese nail arts always have a dreamlike feeling, they can always cleverly grasp the hearts of girls, and they are cute and perfect in color and decoration, which is also very suitable for the New Year.

Cat eye manicure, cat eye manicure is originally as dazzling as the sky looking for you, matched with shiny gold foil to show high-end temperament, no matter what style you are, can bring you different charm.

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