Black Nail Style Picture Collection 2020. Simple Beauty Nail Pictures

When it comes to black, the editor will think of his little niece: black is the color of boys. I don’t know how many people have this idea. But for Xiaobian himself, he does have a preference for black. And black nail art always has a cool feeling, who said that summer must be made small and fresh , black can be the same. Today, I will introduce some black nails to my elder sister.

Black marble manicure. The black marble manicure without any decoration also looks very temperamental, with a simple and versatile style, with an emphasis on whiteness.

Black marble manicure

Black Xingyue manicure. Xingyue manicure is also a style of super fire recently. The ring finger is black with a matte effect, and with a little glitter and golden rivet embellishment, there is a feeling of vast starry sky.

Black Star Moon Nail Art

The black color jump marble nail art has a simple and clean feeling. The color jump of the marble is the finishing touch, which improves the flexibility of the entire nail.

Black Jumping Marble Nail Art

Black shell manicure. The combination of shells + rendering + gold foil broke the black limit, and the whole nail also looked very elegant and temperamental.

Black shell manicure

Black hole series black nails. This one is really beautiful. The black hollow design gives a different feeling this summer.

Black Hole Series Black Nail Art

Jumping color black nails. If it is pure black, it will definitely look very dim, and the effect of the two other decorative armors will be significantly different.

Jumping color black nails

Dark frosted nail art. I have always liked black, and the matte is a very textured style. The perfect combination of these two is super beautiful and versatile.

Dark Matte Nail Art
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