Christmas nail art from beginning to end

It’s almost December, and the most anticipated holiday in December is Christmas. Do you guys who love beauty also have to put on a beautiful Christmas manicure to greet Christmas? Today, I will introduce a few Christmas nail art to you, including the ones you like.

1. How can there be less Santa Claus in Christmas nail art? Santa Claus with winter snowflakes is the best Christmas atmosphere.

2. In addition to Santa ’s own thought, another representative is the Christmas hat. The combination of red and white, although simple, also easily brings out the Christmas atmosphere.

3, the girl ’s heart has the idea of ​​making a snowman in snowy weather. So in the cities that do n’t snow, we can draw the snowman on the fingertips. The bright-colored nail polish can reflect the current Atmosphere.

4, green lattice style, with different shades of red and glittering Christmas tree, is also very Christmas atmosphere.

5, red, white and flesh. The combination of various colors, embellished with golden rivets, is simple and stylish.

6. By the way, don’t forget that there is still a character for Christmas, elk. With red nails and elk painting, you can create a beautiful Christmas manicure .

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