Dolphin Bay Nail Show Pictures. Dark Style Nail Art

Who said that dark style nail art must be bad? It must be that you have not encountered a good nail style. Many people like the cool feeling of black nails. It’s spring soon, so give this spring a different color, a dark style manicure essential for cool girls .

Dark blooming nail art pictures

This dark-style manicure is a jump color style with a solid color and a matte style. We can not do too much treatment on the solid color, and let him keep the solid color. Although the style is simple, it is also beautiful.

Jumping Color Dark Nail Art Pictures

This dark style nail art is a jump color between black and silver, and a partial smudge style. Then add shell pieces and black rivets to form a three-dimensional nail style.

Dark Cat Eye Nail Pictures

This dark style nail art is made by combining cat eyes and blooming effects. The cat’s eye style looks like it is under the starry sky, with shell pieces and blooming embellishments, with metal glitter and various favorite decorations. The whole nail art will have a sense of starry sky, very beautiful.

Dark style nail style

This dark style manicure is a nail style made with a gradient effect. The nails are freely matched with metal lines, gold foil and silver foil (you can operate it more personally here). It’s a metallic nail style that you can try if you like it.

Black gradient nail art pictures

This dark style manicure is a gradient style nail style. Both the left and right nails are first treated with a transparent base, and then the gradient is processed in black. With the embellishment of silver foil elements, a dark galaxy-like dark black is formed. Nail style.

Mirror Nail Pictures

This dark-style manicure is a mirror-like nail style with metallic wind, a combination of water-silvered mirror nails with black metallic glitter, pearlescent glitter, and pure black. All hands are full of punk style. Have you ever been handsome? Hurry up and take action.

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