Douyin hottest nail pictures. Latest net red nail designs

With the rise of various small video software, Douyin Kuaishou and so on seem to have become an integral part of people’s lives. So for the editors who love nail art, they will also watch some nail art related videos on the vibrato. Today, I will introduce some of the hottest nail pictures of Douyin, and take a look at the latest net red nail designs.


This vibrato nail is a matte style. Brush the nails of the thumb, middle finger and pinky finger with a solid black background and keep the solid color; the ring finger makes a golden water ripple style; the index finger uses a transparent background, and the front of the nail is affixed with a large love sequin Gradient effect on the sequins. The overall combination shows that the nails are rich in high-end visual effects of high-end atmosphere. It is indeed a net red nail, and the favorite girl can try it.


This vibrato nail is a nail style that looks more luxurious. This is not to say that it is really luxurious. This nail art uses milky white as the background color. The nail type of the entire nail is relatively slender (of course, if your nails are not long enough, it can be extended). Then choose the golden metal texture to post on the nail surface of the middle finger and ring finger, and use a golden chain as a link. The thumb is also decorated with a relatively large ornament. In the end, I just need to embellish it with pearls. This manicure is absolutely beautiful, but it may be inconvenient in daily life.


This vibrato nail is a marbled nail style. The thumb, forefinger, and little finger have a light brown background, and then put a larger metal ornament on the nail surface of the thumb. The middle finger uses a milky white background. Similar to the previous one, it is also connected with a chain-shaped jewelry on one side and decorated with a jewelry on the other side. The last ring finger uses a creamy white background and black nail polish to make a marble texture. This manicure looks very cool overall, I think it is very suitable for summer. Favorite girl can try it.


This vibrato nail is a serpentine style. Haha, you read that right, it’s a snake pattern. For many girls, they don’t like snakes as animals, but the use of snake patterns as nail elements on nails is another matter. This nail is painted with red solid nail polish on the thumb, index finger and pinky nails. The ring finger is also a solid metallic nail polish with glitter. Select the five-pointed star and rectangular hollow ornaments to link with the metal chain on the little finger and ring finger. The middle finger’s nails are white-based, the golden glitter nail polish is used to sketch the texture of the snake, and the black and red are used to sketch the outstanding blocks and eyes. The illusion of a snake head is formed. This manicure uses a unique element to make the whole nail look different. If you like it, you can try it.


This vibrato nail is a French style. The main color of the whole nail is a mysterious blue. Brush all nails except the ring finger with a clear blue background and keep it solid. The ring finger’s nails use tan as the background color. Brush a small piece of French blue on the front edge of the nail. Finally, I use a metal pentagram to embellish the ring finger. This manicure is a relatively simple style, but it also shows a very mature atmosphere. Favorite girl can try it.


This vibrato nail is a blue-gray cat eye style. The middle finger and the little finger are blue-gray cat-eye style; the thumb and ring finger are blue-gray as the background color, and then decorated with gold thread, gold foil and sequins. Finally the color jumped to the silver solid nails of the index finger. The blue-gray style gives a deeper feeling. This nail style is more suitable for mature women with temperament.

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