Fashion Trend Wave Nail Art

As a trendy wave of nail art, it can be sexy, simple, literary, and loli. It is an unmissable style for nail art people. Today, I will introduce a few beautiful pictures of dolphin bay nails, fashion trends and nail styles.


This polka dot nail is a matte style. Use the jump color between chocolate and burgundy, brush the chocolate and burgundy solid backgrounds on the nails, and then choose a few white spots on the nails. Finally in combination with matte texture. Let the whole temperament of the entire nail improve. Favorite girl can try it.


This polka dot nail is a red bean paste style nail. Jump color between milk tea color and red bean green, brush the thumb and pinky thumb with milk tea color background, use red bean green on the nails, then brush the red bean green background with other fingers The oil dots the nails. No other decorations are needed, a small fresh style nail style. Favorite girl can try it.


This polka dot nail is a jumping nail. Jumping colors between ginger, red and dark blue. One part of the ginger nails retains solid color, and the other is a slightly larger white wave on the wind. Red and dark blue nails are painted with short lines of white nail polish, which looks very energetic. If you like it, you can try it.


This polka-dot nail is a black-encrusted nail style. The solid color part retains the black solid color, and then keeps a nail on one side to make a black wave point edging style. If you think it is too monotonous, you can choose one or two solid color nails to affix a metal orange on the back edge of the nail. A cool black manicure, the girl you like can try it.


This polka dot nail is a blue nail style. Jumping colors between blue, dark blue, white and transparent. Blue and dark blue retain the solid color, and the white part is combined with black to make a black and white dot pattern. Finally, the transparent background color is contrasted with blue and dark blue and then embellished with golden metal orange. It feels like the sea, very refreshing.


This polka dot nail art style. Use the color jump between egg yellow, white and green. Eggs yellow and green retain their solid appearance. The white part is combined with black to draw the wave pattern. A literary art full of nail art, the girl you like can try it.

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