Fashionable beautiful nails. Nice toe nail style pictures

With the popularity of nail art, more and more girls have joined in, but everyone generally is more about making nails on the hands. Have you never thought about making a nail for your feet? Especially in summer, today the editor has assembled a few beautiful and thin white nails for everyone.

Blue, everyone will definitely think of the sky and the sea. Then this nail with blue and white gradient, with shell and starfish and other creature embellishment, looks very suitable for summer.

Blue beautiful toenails

If it is summer, there will be many girls wearing their own beautiful sandals. At this time, you must choose the style and color of the beautiful nails. Red can not only set off the white skin, but also thin.


Similarly, you can choose the corresponding nail style according to your dress, and choosing the right combination can make you more confident and beautiful.

Beautiful toenails pictures

This mix of gold and black is also very classic, the mix and match style adds even more personality and fashion.

Black beautiful toenails

The last one is more suitable for young girls, the classic black and white lines, the smiley decoration highlights the vitality, but also a very white style.

Smiley Pedicure

Black nail art

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