French nail art pictures

French nail art is definitely one of the classic nail art styles . And there are various styles such as flat method, round method, oblique method and inverted V for you to choose, so when you don’t know what style to do, you can try to make a French nail. Today, Xiaobian borrowed several classic nail picture works to show you the charm of French nail art.

Color french manicure pictures

This French manicure is a diagonal series of French manicure. Use purple, yellow, red, blue, and green colors to paint oblique French color blocks to the front edge of the nails. The jump colors between different colors make the nails look vibrant, suitable for sports girls Oh.

Cartoon french manicure pictures

This French manicure is a cartoon style. Use the pumpkin color as the main color, the round part of the nail brush with French color blocks, and then use white to draw the letters for embellishment. Choose different styles for your thumbs and middle fingers, choose a nail style for a round French pattern, and draw a cute cartoon avatar for the rest. A cute cartoon manicure, the favorite girl can try it.

Frosted french manicure pictures

This French manicure is a cat’s inverted V style. With the exception of the ring finger, black nail polish was used to outline the French style of inverted V for all nails. Then draw a black cat pattern that has been deployed on the ring finger’s nails. Everyone knows that black cats were noble in the past. Today we use them as nail elements to sketch on the fingertips, making the overall nail look very high-end, suitable for beauties with strong aura.

Camouflage french manicure pictures

This French manicure is a camouflage style. This manicure uses jumping colors between the same color system, the camouflage part uses the full camouflage pattern, and the middle finger adopts the camouflage inverted V style. In addition, the emerald green and light green styles are used for solid color design, and metal nails are pasted on the back edge of the nails. This manicure is made in the camouflage style of the soldiers, and the overall is very fresh and refreshing, the girl who likes it can try it.

Stitching french manicure pictures

This French manicure is a spliced ​​nail style. Here two colors of purple and black are used for stitching to form an inverted V French style design. Simple and stylish manicure styles, the favorite girl can try it.

Retro french manicure pictures

This French manicure is a flat French style. This manicure uses red as the main color, the thumb and ring finger nail brushes have a red background, and then draw a retro-style pattern embellishment. The other nails are painted with flat French color patches on the leading edge, and then white pearls are adorned at the border. A retro style nail art style, the girl you like can try it.

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