French wedding manicure picture. Atmospheric stylish bride nail art

The bride can be said to be the most beautiful day of a girl’s life. On such days, a beautiful bride’s nails will be indispensable. For Chinese and Western weddings, there are different nail styles . Today, I will introduce a few beautiful bride nails .

Cat Eye Bride Nail Pictures

This bridal manicure uses a cat-eye style, a dark red solid color with a cat-eye style. In order not to be too monotonous, a large diamond-like jewelry is added, and the three-dimensional impression of the nail is also added. Chinese bride manicure.

Smudge Bride Nail Pictures

This bridal manicure has a gradient style. The water-red solid nails and the gradient styles made with transparent colors, as well as the final shell shell original colors and Xingyue patches, make the overall nails show a sense of fairy.

Bridal nail pictures

This bride’s manicure uses big red as the background color. Two nails are selected to make golden glitter in the second half. The other nails are decorated with diamond-like decorations on the back edge of the nails. A moment of joy is revealed.

Classic bridal nail pictures

This bride’s manicure uses red as the base color, and uses a nail paint pen to dip the golden glitter nail polish to draw a classic pattern. It is a very classic Chinese wedding nail.

French bride manicure pictures

This bridal manicure is in French style with diamonds. The transparent base is just a silver French smile line with glitter on the front of the nail, and a rhinestone decorated with rhinestones will complete a simple and beautiful French bride nail style. This is suitable for western-style wedding.

Jump color bride nail art pictures

This bridal manicure is a pink jumper style. The combination of roses, cherry red and metallic colors, embellished with small rhinestones, the whole nail looks atmospheric and elegant, this nail is also suitable for daily life.

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