Good-looking holiday nail designs

Did the little friends spend a lot of time on the road just like the editors to reach their destination. Today, I brought a few beautiful holiday nail designs to everyone. You need to change your nails and go out to play.


This holiday nail art is a colorful style. The yellow style of the thumb, the rainbow style of the forefinger, the white polka dot with a white base on the middle finger, the yellow polka dot with a ring finger, and the red stripe style with a white background. This is a youthful and energetic style of nail art, and the girl who likes it can try it.


This holiday nail art is a dark green nail art style. Brush all nails with a dark green background except for the ring finger, then paste the dark green diamond on the middle of the nails of the thumb, and point four white or pink rhinestones on the periphery. Finally, brush the white background with the ring finger and paste the corresponding decorations. Such a retro style nail style, favorite girls can try you.


This holiday nail art is a red sand nail art style. The nails of the forefinger are made of transparent color base, and large colored sequins are used for decoration. The middle finger and ring finger are the background color of red bean paste, with gold foil or shell flakes. The last little finger is a transparent background with shell flakes and gold foil decoration. This is a very fashionable and beautiful style of nails. If you like girls, you can try it.


This holiday nail is a matte style. The thumb and pinky are in solid orange and retain the solid color without adding any embellishments. The middle finger is brushed in solid blue. The forefinger and ring finger have a solid base color, with blue leopard pattern and gold foil embellishment. Finally, the special texture of the matte, such a youthful nail style, girls who like it can try it.


This holiday manicure is a black matte style. Forefinger and middle finger are painted with black solid color. Leave it black and leave no decorations. The thumb and ring finger use pink as the background color, and the ring face of the ring finger is painted with a leopard pattern in orange and black. Such a classic and fashionable nail style, there are girls who like it, you can try it.


This holiday nail art is a purple blooming style. In addition to the index finger, each nail is painted with a purple nail background, which has some smudge effects. Then stick nails and triangular cellophane on the nails. As far as the index finger is concerned, it is just to paint a dark purple background and then put a gold foil ornament on the nail surface. Purple is mysterious, just like this nail. If you like it, you can try it.


This holiday nail art is a green style nail art style. The middle finger and ring finger make a green smudge effect, and they are decorated with white shell pieces or diamonds. The little finger is also painted with a pink background, and an orange is affixed to the root. The index finger is a water ripple pattern. If this nail is matched with a cheongsam, it will feel more oh. Favorite girl can try it.

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