Good-looking nail art. Fashionable fur nail art

Fur manicure is a new style of nails emerging this year. Fur can be regarded as a synonym for ladies and noble ladies. The aristocratic atmosphere makes women look more elegant and fashionable. I believe fur is also a dream that every girl has in her heart. Today, I will introduce a few beautiful nail pictures, fashionable fur nail styles.


This fur nail is a matte nail style. Jumping color between wine red and gray. The burgundy part stays solid, just put a large metal ornament on the nail of your thumb. The gray fur section combines burgundy and white to draw a checkered line. A British style fur manicure, the girl you like can try it.


This fur manicure is a simple solid color nail style. Except for the ring finger, the other nails are painted with gray fur glue, and a rectangular silver orange satin is adorned in the middle of the root. The ring finger is brushed with purple fur glue, and then a small arc is attached to the root of the nail with a rhinestone. A simple and stylish nail art style, the girl you like can try it.


This fur manicure is a retro style nail. Bean paste red fur nails, choose a nail with retro pattern. In addition, there are several dark-colored retro pattern nail styles in the jump color. The overall combination is very fashionable and temperamental, which is suitable for girls with more aura. You can try it if you like it.


This fur manicure is a gray nail style. Girls with short nails can also make this style. Pure gray fur background can be very temperament. If you feel too monotonous, you can choose a nail with a silver metal ring as a decoration. Such a simple and stylish fashion manicure, the favorite girl can try it.


This fur manicure is a checkered style. Gray-purple solid nails and purple solid colors are embellished with large pearl ornaments. The other thumb and middle fingers are painted with a purple background, and then the white and purple checkered texture is drawn. This nail is suitable for workplace Oh sister. You can try it if you like.


This fur nail is a national style nail. Jumping color between amber, purple and gray. Some nails retain a solid color, and then a golden edge line is placed on the nail brush, while others are decorated with ethnic decorations, and two nails are selected to draw a pattern with minority characteristics. Such a nail style with ethnic characteristics, the girl you like can try it.

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