Good-looking nail art pictures

It’s time to enjoy the flowers again. This season is also the season of Japanese cherry blossoms. We can’t go to Japan to see the flowers ourselves, but we can make a good-looking Japanese dried flower manicure .

Blue dried flower nail art pictures

This dried flower manicure is the blue style. The pink blue part uses a flower pattern combined with dried flowers and metal copper wires. Some are directly made of metal copper wires to create a love pattern, and there are patterns embellished with elements such as shell pieces or gold foil. The milky white part is directly matched with the blue dried flower jewelry. There is a blue part of the denim, combined with silver metallic glitter or metal patches. A very gentle nail style.

Semi-circular french dried flower manicure picture

This dried flower manicure is a semi-circular French style. The dried flower part is base with milky white, and the pattern of the bouquet or garland is made by combining dried flower and metal copper wire. The other parts are semi-circular French styles in white and yellow.Very suitable for girls with artistic atmosphere.

Polka Dot Dried Flower Nail Pictures

This dried flower manicure is in the red collection. The whole nail is creamy, red bean paste and berry. The solid color part can be decorated with a little gold foil on the nail surface, and the dried flower part is combined with metal thin copper wire. Finally, there is a polka dot style. This is a very sweet red nail art. You can try it if you like it.

Cellophane dried flower nail pictures

This dried flower nail is a cellophane style nail. The dried flower part is creamy white for the base, and combined with metal copper wire or small rivet decoration, make a bouquet or other patterns. Other nails are decorated with cellophane of different shapes. Very suitable for office workers.

Green dried flower nail art pictures

This dried flower manicure is in the green series. The dried flower part is creamy white for priming, and the dried flower is used to make a wreath pattern. The solid color part is pasted with a large silver metal ornament on the nail of the thumb, which is full of retro flavor. A very beautiful nail.

Jumping color dried flower nail pictures

This dried flower manicure is a manicure style from the Jump Color series. Bean paste powder, bean paste green and white jump color. Bean paste powder and bean paste green use pure color style. The white part is combined with dried flower embellishment. The whole looks very small and fresh.

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