Great collection of classic nail pictures. Nail Pictures

A beautiful and attractive manicure is definitely a favorite for girls. Today, Xiaobian has assembled a variety of nail styles and styles, and there is definitely a right one for you.

The first is a super simple French manicure. The color is made by Aunt Deep. The overall is simple and textured, and it also looks very elegant.

Simple classic nail pictures

Red nail art is very popular on various holidays. Choose one or two on your nails for blooming. Sprinkling a bit of gold foil will make it more fashionable. Xiaobian also likes this style very much.

Red blooming nail art pictures

Small fresh nail art is also very popular. The main colors are yellow, blue and white, which are very small and fresh when combined, which is very suitable for girls.

Small fresh nail pictures

Simple black nails, which make a green jump color very chic and very special.

Exquisite nail pictures

The pink girl model is very gentle and beautiful. With just a little embellishment, you can show the girly feeling of the flower season .

Pink girl nail art pictures

Don’t look at this manicure is relatively simple, but the operation is also very complicated. Smudge and paint. At least the effect is good and it is also very good looking.

Smudge Nail Pictures

Cat eye nails are also one of the popular styles. The dark brown cat-eye style can be matched in any season, absolutely versatile style.

Cat Eye Nail Pictures

Matte has always been a more special texture. Red and blue with frosted jumping gold glitter nails. There is a kind of high-cold temperament, but I like it inexplicably.

Red and blue frosted nail art pictures

This girly nail art style, with pink glass and light blue undertones, has a good example of recruiting peach blossoms. Paired with some gold foil paper and golden rivets, it is neither fancy nor monotonous, but it is very white.

Pink blooming nail art pictures

The last one is more suitable for bridal armor. The main color is transparent white, with mirror water ripples, and the whole fairy is full of wood.

Water ripple nail pictures
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