Gucci nail pictures. Latest Nail Art Pictures

Today I will introduce several nail styles combined with the classic gucci logo . This first one is designed with blooming and silver cutouts. It is a very beautiful nail.

Blooming nail art pictures

The following is a collection of various elements of the gucci series, so girls who like gucci must not miss this style.

gucci series nail pictures

The next one is a bit low-key, the overall color will be darker, and the gucci logo is also used. The overall low profile is not publicity.

Low-key gucci nail illustration

The pink gucci cherry model is very suitable for girls who are bursting with heart. The embellishment as a whole with rhinestones looks very nice.

Cherry nail art pictures

Then there is a gorgeous parity nail, featuring iconic red and green decoration with red hearts and golden glitter, which is very luxurious and high-profile.

Luxury fashion nail pictures

Finally, the nail style that combines gucci’s tiger head, stripes and other elements is slightly understated in color matching, and the overall low-key has connotation.

Low-key luxury nail pictures
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