Jinwei nail art painting. Freehand Rose Nail Tutorial

Rose flower manicure

Rose Flower Nail Tutorial

Step 1: Apply a layer of nail polish to the nail brush after basic trimming. Then apply a creamy background to the nails of your thumb, index finger, and ring finger. Brush the front edge of the nail of the middle finger with an orange circle French color block, and apply light orange circle French block with the nail of the little finger. For a fuller nail color, apply a dry coat.

Round french manicure

Step 2: Dip a light yellow nail polish with a point-drill pen and point out the dots on the nails of the index finger, staggering randomly.

Pure color nail polish

Step 3: Dip the orange nail polish with a hook pen and draw the outline of the flower on the dots.

Flower manicure

Step 4: Draw a few times with a line marker to make the orange outline more fused with the background color. Then paint the dark part of the petals with orange nail polish to dry it.

Nail Painting

Step 5: Dip a light yellow nail polish with a hook pen to draw the bright parts of the leaves around the flowers, and use green nail polish to draw the dark parts of the leaves.

Painting process of rose manicure

Step 6: According to the same operation, draw a rose pattern on the nail surface of the ring finger and thumb to dry it.

Rose Nail Tutorial

Step 7: Choose the appropriate horse eye rivet decorations to decorate the nails of the middle finger and ring finger. Finally, remember to apply a clear seal to all nail brushes and dry.

Freehand Rose Nail Tutorial
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