Latest beauty nail pictures. Rhinestone Nail Tutorial

Simple and stylish nail art tutorial

Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply a layer of nail polish to the nail brush after basic trimming. Then apply half of the navy blue glitter nail polish to the nails except the ring finger. You can use the anti-spill patch to make the edges more smooth. For a fuller nail color, apply a dry coat.

Navy Blue Nail Art

Step 2: Attach a golden square hollow rivet in the middle of the dividing line of the nail color block of the index finger for embellishment.Then stick four small round rivets on one side of the rivet (the side without the background color), as shown in the picture. Then the middle finger is also operated in the same way. The nails of the little finger need only be adorned with two small round rivets at the border and dried.

Sticky Nail Tutorial

Step 3: Dip a milky white nail polish with silver sequins and draw a diamond shape on the leading edge of the ring finger to dry it.

Silver Diamond Nail Tutorial

Step 4: Sprinkle gold powder on the painted color blocks to dry.

Rhinestone Nail Tutorial

Step 5: Dip a black nail polish on the outline of the diamond with a hook pen to dry it.

Diamond Nail Tutorial

Step 6: Finally, remember to apply a transparent seal to all nail brushes and dry.

Rhinestone Nail Tutorial
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