Latest manicure pictures. Super temperament marble nail pictures

Marble nail art is a hot nail art style this year. It’s almost summer time to make a photogenic marble nail art. The style of blooming is matched with the characteristics of marble texture, giving a cool breath of marble. Marble nails will become the most beautiful nails this summer .

Classic marble manicure

This marble manicure is a matte style with a jump color style. Choose between cement gray and beige gray, and paste metal jewelry on the beige gray nails to increase the high-end feel of the nails. Matching the classic marble style pattern with blooming, there is no too much decoration, but it can show a sense of fashion and high-level, the favorite girl feels GET up.

Frosted Marble Nail Art

This marble manicure is a style with a matte texture, using a very temperamental haze blue as the background color. After choosing one or two nails to make the marble style, the overall form of a hazy beauty, Like the white light that appears in the haze. If you feel too monotonous, you can paste small white pearls in the appropriate place for decoration.

Colorful marble nail art

The color of this marble nail art is gorgeous and colorful. Marble style with a creamy base, and then mixed with multi-colored colors, is as beautiful as colorful pebbles. The main thing to pay attention to is the strength of the blooming and the matching of various colors. The whole is still very beautiful.

Blue marble manicure

This marble nail is also one of Xiaobian’s favorite styles. Blue glitter nail polish has a starry feel on the nails, especially in the sun, shining.On this basis, I chose two nails to make a white matte marble effect, an absolutely atmospheric fashion model.

Stained Marble Nail Art

This marble manicure uses a jump color between cement gray, cream and transparent. Pure color cement gray with smudged cream marble style, transparent nails choose to do a little black smudge at the fingertips and match with shell flakes or metal decorations. An INS style nail is completed, suitable for small fresh Oh beautiful.

Green marble manicure

The marble US armor is a more distinctive style, because it uses green as the base color blooming style, solid color green nail blooming with green marble style, revealing the distinct feeling cool fingertips Breath, green marble nail style is definitely the first choice in summer.

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