Latest nail art. French nail art pictures 2020 style pictures

1. Pink orange and light blue blooming gradient nail art, with the French style fresh and natural. The edges of the French style are stroked with golden nail polish with glitter, and some golden round sequins are embellished on the whole.

2, when it comes to love is red, pink. Today we are going to introduce a clear blue loving French manicure.The hollowed out design and the silver hook edge make the nails more delicate and beautiful.

3. The French style is very suitable for gradient styles. The gradient nails made of mysterious deep purple are decorated with silver sequins. They are not too beautiful, and they are also very suitable for bridal nails.

4. It is known that the toenails are relatively small, and it is not easy to show the desired feeling when doing nail art, but the black lace hem nails below are very suitable for toe nails, with blue and white checkered patterns, very feminine Oh.

5. Black and white classic French manicure, combined with line elements, is full of design and simplicity. The bow decoration on the ring finger is also very fashionable.

6, sky blue flat French nails with white pearls or bows, the back is decorated with white sequins, giving a princess temperament.

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