Learn Nail Video Tutorials. New Nail Art Fall 2020

It is about to enter the autumn. How can we not prepare two autumn nails? Today, I will introduce to you a few popular autumn nails. Let’s learn together. 
For autumn and winter, it is better to try dark colors, so dark green is definitely the first choice.

Fall 2017 nail art new 1

The nail art with purple as the main tone gives a feeling of fairy, it is a very special type of nails.

Nail Art Fall 2017 2

Color-grading nail art is also indispensable. The dark green jump grass green and then the black edge are very cool and stylish.

Nail Art Fall 2017 3

Gray has been a popular color for autumn and winter in recent years. Of course, this year is no exception. This color will be suitable regardless of the color.

Nail Art Fall 2017 4

It is not necessary to have a dark tone, and the fresh and elegant pink is also very beautiful. A little bit of jumping color can make this nail art a little more distinctive.

Fall 2017 nail art new 5

Draw willow leaves on light pink with dark green, making the pale pink nail art less monotonous and adding a sense of freshness .

Fall 2017 nail art new 6
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