Leopard nail art pictures

Whoever says that leopard nail art must be earthy. As long as you match well, leopard nail art can also help improve your own temperament. Or maybe we can make a leopard pattern in another way. Today, Xiaobian combined with a collection of leopard print nail art pictures to introduce Wei Nail to everyone.


This leopard print nail is a matte style. The solid color part retains the burgundy solid color, the leopard print part uses cream pink as the background color, and then uses black nail polish to draw black leopard print color blocks on the nails. At this time, the difference is that we no longer draw good color blocks in the center The black border is used, but the leopard pattern is directly drawn in black, and the color block is made into the effect of rubbing. Finally, in combination with the matte texture, a fashionable and elegant nail style has become, and the girl who likes it can try it.


This leopard print nail is a gray nail style. This manicure uses gray and milky white to jump colors, and the solid parts of gray and milky white are decorated with gold foil and diamond-like decorations of the same color. The leopard print part uses a creamy white background. The leopard print color blocks are outlined in gray. The middle part of the leopard print is filled with silver nail polish with glitter. The whole nail looks like it has an alien feel. The girl you like can Try it.


This leopard print nail is a matte nail style. The jump color between blue-gray and white. The blue-gray retains the solid color part without adding any decorations. The leopard print part uses white as a base. The combination of black and blue-gray is used to outline the leopard color block. Very simple leopard print style, the favorite girl can try it.


This leopard print nail is a nail with a little smudge. The burgundy part of the nails, except the thumb, retains a solid color. The thumb nails are decorated with shell pieces and gold threads. The leopard print uses pink as the base, and uses burgundy nail polish to draw excellent blocks on the nails, with a slight smudge effect. Wine red is originally a mature color, so this nail is more suitable for mature girls.


This leopard print nail is a classic leopard print. The burgundy semicircle French style is embellished with metal rhombus studs. The leopard print is cream-colored, and the leopard print is outlined in brown and black. The leopard print part also has French style combined with wine red.


This leopard print nail is a matte style. The solid part of dark green, some retain the solid color, and some choose to attach a metal round rivet on the trailing edge. The off-white solid color directly retains the solid color part without any decoration. The leopard print part uses a white background, and then uses black and dark green to draw the leopard color blocks. Finally, combined with the matte texture, this manicure is relatively small and fresh, suitable for everyday.

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