Nail Art Painted Pictures.Fashionable Nail Art Pictures

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the pace of summer is getting closer. Summer is a season of bare feet, and girls should also start planning to make a beautiful beautiful toenails , so as to prepare for the arrival of summer.

Jumping color beautiful nail pictures

This nail is a jumper style nail. A jump color between hawthorn red and off-white. All nails except for the thumb are painted with a beige solid-color nail polish. Paint your thumb with a hawthorn red background, and then embellish with pearls and other decorative combinations. Simple and white nail styles, you can try it if you like it.

Beautiful toenails pictures

This nail is a jumping color style of Japanese nails . Choose between two very white colors, red and black. Choose black for the thumb part as the background color, and then paste colored diamond-shaped sequins on the nails for embellishment. You can do DIY design byyourself , other nails use red or black solid color design, it can look good without other embellishments.

Legal Leg Leg

This nail is a French style nail patch. Use royal blue as the main color, apply two layers of royal blue background to the nail brushes other than the thumb, brush royal blue French V-shaped blocks on the thumb, and then dip the silver with a hook pen The metallic glitter nail polish draws French lines on the V-shaped edge, and finally embellishes with small rhinestones. Royal blue is a very temperament color.

Hand painted red lips beautiful nails

This beautiful nail is a red collection of hand-painted styles. Except for the thumb, all other nails are painted with red nail polish, and then a transparent glitter and black dots are used to decorate a nail brush. The thumb is a white base, and the lips are decorated with red paint glue on the nails. A feminine style, the girl you like can try it.

Black Star Pedicure

This nail is a black style. First give all nail brushes a black background, and then use a stroke marker to draw a variety of colored star patterns, some large and small, some solid and some hollow. (Or you can choose stickers). A simple nail style is also suitable for making it yourself.

Hand painted flowers beautiful toenails

The United States and toenails are painted sunflower flowers nail. Choose between lake blue, black, white, and mustard yellow. In addition to the thumb, the other four nails are brushed with four different solid nail polishes, then the lake blue background is painted on the thumbs, and then a large sunflower flower pattern is drawn with a paint pen to give the entire nail. Adds a lively breath.

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