Nail art paintings. Cute Food Nail Tutorial

Food manicure

Cute Food Nail Tutorial

Step 1: Apply a layer of nail polish to the nail brush after basic trimming.

Nail Foundation

Step 2: Dip an orange-red nail polish with a hook pen and draw a circle on the thumb’s nails as the outline of the tomato.

Nail art DIY

Step 3: Then fill the interior and dry it. In order to make the color fuller, apply a layer of drying. Take the green nail polish and draw the tomato stalk on the top of the circle.

Nail Art Painted Pattern

Step 4: Use a dark green nail polish on the pedicle to dry the dots.

Western red nail art pattern

Step 5: Apply the beige nail polish of the whole nail to the remaining nail brushes and dry them. Take red and orange nail polish and draw apple and tomato patterns on the forefinger of the ring finger.

Fruit manicure

Step 6: Use yellow nail polish to draw the leaves in the blank space to dry. Draw a chestnut pattern on the nails of the middle finger to dry, and embellish the leaves. Finally, all nail brushes are coated with a transparent seal and dried.

Nail Painting
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