Nail Art Video.Gray Nail Art Picture

Some people think that gray is a very old-fashioned color, but it is not. Granny gray is also a versatile color. Today I am going to introduce a few good-looking gray nails.

1. A pure-color manicure with a grayish green and milky white to jump to the gray design. It is surprisingly easy to match, and simple solid colors can also be beautiful.

2. As mentioned above, gray is a versatile color, and it is also very classic with gold and red.

3, light gray has a faint feeling, used in winter with sweaters is also a very beautiful nail, if you think that the simple light gray is very monotonous, you can make a light grid to jump.

4, the gray wild is not only used as the main color, but also can be used to match, in a color system with gray, adding a soft feeling to the whole.

5, silver-gray nails is also a very hand-painted nails, the jump color between the gray nail polish of different materials is also very good.

6, light gray will have a slight bluish feeling, very small and fresh. It looks great with plaid and silver glitter.

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