Nail Product Information. High-end Noble Fur Glue Nails

Hello, it’s me again. Speaking of fur, everyone may first react to things like fur coats and the like. NO! NO! NO! Today I’m going to introduce several fashionable and versatile fur gel nail arts , and then your fingertips will be full of nobility .

Frosted Plaid Fur Gel Nail Art

This fur gel nail is a hand-painted lattice style nail, in addition to dark green and gray solid color nails, the hand-painted lattice style is formed by stitching between dark green, gray, dark gray and white fur glue. Then I use metal shells to decorate my solid nails. A simple and fashionable style is complete.

Ethnic fur glue nail art

This fur gel nail is an ethnic style nail with fur nails. Choosing hand-painted or pasting decorations and other methods to print the national fashion sense on the nails, the overall combination has an exotic style, which makes this nail look very unique.

Hawthorn red fur gel nail art

This fur gel nail is a matte style. Choose hawthorn red fur glue as the main color, choose two nails for solid color and affix small metal rings and metal wires. Other nails are semi-smoothed, creating the effect of hawthorn and blooming stitching. In addition to the stylish atmosphere, this manicure is also very white.

Fashion fur gel nail art pictures

This fur gel nail is a beige nail style. The simple main color is not mixed with other colors, and with the retro metal jewelry, it adds a lot of metal flavor to the whole nail. Beige nails are both temperamental and not too understated.

Plaid Fur Gel Nail Art Pictures

This fur gel nail is a checkered style. The black solid color bottom is decorated with a metal cross, and other check patterns are also pasted with different metal rings in place, which adds a metallic texture to the entire nail. Simple and elegant plaid nail art, you can try it if you like it.

Fur gel nail art pictures

This fur gel nail is a gray-blue fur nail. The overall use of gray blue as the main color, with pearl jewelry and metal small ring embellishment, full of retro style. At the same time select a part of the nails for stitching effect, the nails will not be too single.

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