Nice nail pictures. What are the short nail art

1. This is a cute style of nail art. The pink is matched with ice cream and love as decorations, it looks very sweet and cute.

Short Nail Art

2, followed by a pink stitching nail art, with love and gold foil as decoration, very beautiful.

Jinwei nail art

3, the design of transparent glitter nails, with white nails smiley design, a simple and cute nail.

Smiley Nail Art

4, light blue and light pink nails jump color, with gold picks stitching and embellishment of flowers and leaves, so that the overall nails are elegant with a touch of charm

Temperament Nail Art

5. Gray may be too dark and disliked, but gray with transparent armor improves the overall brightness, and it is also very simple and elegant when embellished with some small decorations.

Gray Rhinestone Manicure

6. This is a very simple manicure. The polka dot design with the little white love embellishment has a touch of French style in the cuteness.

Dot Nail Art

7. Naked pink solid nails, embellished with a little pearl for decoration, super simple, right?

Naked Pink Pearl Nail Art

8. Finally, I will introduce a nail design with glitter design. It is a style with a lot of content, with operations such as love blooming.

Glitter nail art
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