Office worker manicure introduction. These low-key models are just right!

Who says that you can’t do nail art at work, and office girls must dress well. But as an office worker, you can’t do too exaggerated nail art, so is there a good-looking and low-key office nail art? Today I will introduce to you a few office worker nails , and these styles are all low-key and just safe!

Gradient color jump office worker nails

This office nail is a gradient style, with a very gentle jade pink color. Pick out one or two nails to match the popular dried flower decoration. There is also a metallic glitter dress and a gradient style, a gentle nail style is completed. Suitable for gentle girls.

Gradient office worker nails

This office manicure is a relatively simple gradient style, with a mix of pink blue and milky white. Two nails are selected for metal patches or diamond jewelry. Simple and beautiful gradient style nail art is ready. This style has a little fairy feeling, suitable for little fairy.

Smudge Office Manicure

This office worker’s nail art is a jump color plus blooming style, a solid caramel color, a milky solid color plus a transparent blooming style, embellished with gold metal decoration or gold foil, simple and beautiful. Such a nail art is complete, very suitable for white-collar girls, with a certain temperament.

Checkered Office Worker Nail Art

This office manicure is a checkered style nail. Choose one or two solid color nails to make a delicate checkered style. Match the other solid color nails with metal decorations to make the nails look delicate and beautiful. .

Frosted Office Worker Nail Art

This office nail is a matte pink jumper. The color jump between the same color series can look good even if there are not too many decorations. The effect of partial blooming and matte texture makes the whole nail look more beautiful. Little fairies who like pink can try it.

Mature office worker manicure

This office worker manicure is more stable and restrained, suitable for delicate white-collar women, especially in conference rooms, this kind of manicure is needed.

Low-key office worker nail art

This office manicure is more suitable for daily office occasions, forming a shade of gradient on the nails. The overall feeling is still very comfortable, and simple solid colors can be very satisfying. If you feel too monotonous, you can stick a little ornament yourself.

Gentle office worker manicure

This office manicure is suitable for girls who like to wear skirts. Gentle flowers and skirts will make them more temperament and sweeter.

Casual wind office worker manicure

If you usually like to wear casual clothes, then you want this office nail , full of personality and low-key sexy gold and silver nails, simple and beautiful.

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