Painted nail designs. Cute strawberry nail art pictures

Painted manicure is a style that tests the skill of the manicurist. Strawberry nail art is one of the more common styles in hand-drawn style . The small and fresh colors look full of girlishness; the pumpkin-colored painted patterns also bring a warm atmosphere.

Plaid Nail Pictures

This painted manicure is a jumping color nail style with a plaid texture. Choose milk tea color and orange-red color to paint the grid texture. Then a little embellishment in the solid color part to complete a retro-style nails. Have a favorite girl to try.

Pink Girlish Nail Style

This strawberry nail art is a hand-painted style nail with pink as the main color. A combination of polka dots, gold foil, painted, metallic glitter and stickers are used to form a very small and fresh pink nail art. The combination of strawberries and cute bunnies also adds to the cuteness of the nails.

Gradient Nail Pictures

This painted nail is a gradient jump color nail style, rainbow coral nail polish is available in solid or gradient style, and finally decorated with gold foil or shell pieces, a nail is complete. Coral is a very white color.

Fruit Nail Style

This strawberry manicure has the same color jump color hand-drawn style. The jump between pink and red makes the whole nail even more girlish. The red strawberry pattern is very vivid. If you like it, you can try it.

Cat Eye Nail Pictures

This painted nail is a cat eye style nail. We chose pumpkin golden brown, cream and brown cat eyes. With some metal ornaments or embellishments of shell pieces, the overall simplicity and generosity have a three-dimensional impression.

Strawberry nail art pictures

This strawberry nail art style hand-painted manicure, choose the combination of cream and strawberry red, embellishment with small metal patches, a Japanese-style hand-painted nail is completed. Sweet girl feels full.

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