Professional manicurist works. Stylish three-dimensional water ripple nail art

Recently, a manicure friend of Xiaobian said: How do you like to make water ripple nails recently . That is, you don’t know. Water ripple nail art is a very hot style in spring. Its special materials and styles keep it at the forefront of fashion trends. Today I will introduce a few super beautiful water wave nail styles.

Water ripple nail pictures

This water ripple nail is a gradient-style jumping color nail. It uses reddish brown to make solid, gradient and blooming styles, so that the nails form a layered sense of color. Jumping color silver water ripple style, with magic mirror powder. A white and beautiful water wave nail art is finished, you can try it if you like it.

Immortal water ripple nail art pictures

This wavy nail is a light-colored nail style. The combination of milky white, cream and silver is a color close to the skin. The solid color part is decorated with small metal jewelry or diamond jewelry, which is very temperamental. Pick out one or two nails to make water ripples and paste shell pieces to make the whole nail look very fairy. This nail is more suitable for girls with white skin.

Water ripple nail pictures

This wavy nail is in a style of smudged nails. Use milky white as the base, dark green or red bean paste for the smudge effect, and decorate with shell pieces or small metal decorations to make the whole nail full of fashion. Choose a nail to make a water ripple design.An ins style nail art, if you like it, you can try it.

Smudge water ripple nail art

This water wave nail art is a pink blooming style. Pink blooming can be beautiful with some shell pieces. The three-dimensional smart effect of water ripples and the gentle smudged nail art make your nails reach a consensus on different levels and look very coordinated.

Contrast water ripple nail art

This water wave nail art is a nail style with a contrast design, orange and blue fingertips, a mirror water wave style, cream with shell pieces and small metal jewelry. The combination of these styles adds a sense of luxury to the nails. The overall matching on the color porcelain is also very coordinated.

Black gradient water wave nail art

This water wave nail art is a gradient style jumping color combination with many trendy elements: shell flakes, laser water wave, gradient and metallic glitter. The gradient part is a combination of black and metallic glitter; the shell piece is also pasted on the basis of black and metallic glitter. Finally in the style with water ripples. The overall nail reveals the breath of the night sky.

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