Stained Nail Art Tips 2019 Latest Temperament Nail Pictures

Today I introduce to you a few Japanese-style blooming nails. It doesn’t matter if you can’t go to Japan for the time being, but we can make a beautiful Japanese-style nail . At the same time, I also have knowledge about the skills of blooming nails. Let’s take a look together.

Chocolate bloom nail art pictures

This smudged nail is a gradient style in chocolate. Smudge and gradation can actually be regarded as similar, but the gradation style can be said to be a dim, but the satin style is not just a gradation. The solid color part of this manicure retains the solid color of chocolate without adding any decorations. The blooming part adopts gradient style, decorated with gold thread and small Xingyue decorations. The whole feels like a starry sky.

Jumping color smudge nail pictures

This smudged nail is a jumper style. I chose jade pink and pink to match, and one or two nails of jade pink were used for pink blooming, and they were decorated with shell pieces and gold foil. The pink part is decorated with small metal texture patches. Without too much decoration, the girly sense can also be displayed.

Purple potato color smudged nail art pictures

This blooming nail is a purple potato color nail style. Choose a transparent background color to match the purple potato color blooming, the degree of blooming can be different, so that the nails will have a more layered sense. No other decorations are needed, so the simple gradation between nails can make the whole look very texture.

Gradient blooming nail art pictures

This smudged nail is a rose-red gradient. Choose rose red with silver glitter pink jump colors. The silver part retains the original pure color feeling, and the gradient part uses rose red gradient, which is decorated with gold foil, shell pieces and other decorations. Overall it is still beautiful.

Simple blooming nail art pictures

This blooming nail is a relatively simple blooming style. The solid color part is burgundy without any decoration. For the smudge part, choose a creamy white base and orange for the smudge effect. Then use gold foil to decorate the smudge, and then choose a metal nail with a moon nail. A simple and elegant style.

Black blooming nail art pictures

This smudged nail is a black style. Black blooming can also be beautiful, and it also has a cool feel. For the solid black part, choose a nail decorated with a metal chain, and one of them should be decorated with rhinestones. The smudge part uses a smudge between black and creamy white, with gold foil embellishment, which is super cool.

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