The hottest nail pictures on the web platform. About blue-gray nail art

The hottest blue-grey nail art on the web platform. Gray and blue, the combination of these two colors looks very beautiful and unique. Nails of this color are more suitable for cold and windy girls. Making a blue-grey nail art in the hot summer is simply beautiful and temperamental.


This blue-gray manicure is a gold leaf style nail. Brush all the nails with a blue-gray background, then choose a nail or two with milky nail polish to make a slight smudge effect, and use gold foil to decorate the smudged nails. The overall nail has an ancient ceramic-like temperament, and some girls who like it can try it.


This blue-gray manicure is a very popular Xingyue style recently. The blue-gray part is a cat’s eye style, and some are adorned with small round oranges on the nail root. The other nails are painted with a creamy white background, and they are slightly brushed with blue-gray nail polish. Very immortal fashion nail style, the girl you like can try it.


This blue-gray manicure is a wavy nail style. Choose two nails and blue-gray cat-eye style with your thumbs. Choose a blue-gray background with gold foil embellishment. The last nail is a water ripple style. The whole nail looks cool in the bottom of the lake, which is also a good choice in this summer.


This blue-gray manicure is a shell-shaped manicure. This manicure is a relatively simple style. The blue-gray solid color and the transparent base with the shell pieces jump between each other. The shell piece style can also be made with a little bit of color embellishment with blue-gray nail polish. As a transition, the overall nails appear more harmonious.


This blue-gray nail is a constellation nail style. This manicure is based on blue-gray cat eyes, which looks like a starry sky, and then paste metal textures on each station, which can be a leaf or a constellation. This place can come according to your preference. Do DIY design.


This blue-gray manicure is a cat’s eye plus smudged nail style. The thumb, middle finger and little finger are designed in blue-gray cat eyes. The index finger and ring finger are one with a blue-gray gradient and the other with a silver glitter. No other decorations, so the simple style can have a stylish atmosphere. Favorite girl can try it.

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