The latest and most beautiful gold foil nails. Net red nail art pictures

Gold leaf manicure. The literal meaning is to add gold foil to the nail style, which will make the original monotonous nail art become exquisite and fashionable instantly. Today, I brought you the latest and most beautiful gold leaf nail art styles, as well as the latest net red nail art pictures. The girls remember to keep them in their collections.


This gold foil nail is a gradient style. The solid color part is burgundy and red bean paste, and then a small metal garland is affixed to the nail root. Other nails are painted with a transparent background color, and then red nail polish is used to paint a gradient style on the front edge of the nail, and some gold foil is dotted on the gradient part. A fashionable and beautiful style of nails, the girl you like can try it.


This gold leaf nail is a gray nail style. I think that gold leaf is used with gradient nails most of the time, and nail art is no exception. The solid part of gray is a small metal circular garnish directly on the nail root. Pick a nail and put some gold thread on it to make it more beautiful. The gradient part is made of brown, and then the gold-colored foil is dotted on the position of the gradient style. Although the main color is a darker color, the overall feel of the nails looks very stylish. Some girls can try it.


This gold-foil nail is a clear blue gradient. The main color of this nail is clear blue, a refreshing color. The solid color part retains the solid part of clear blue. In addition, two nails are selected to combine with clear blue to make a gradient style, and gold foil is dotted on the gradient position. When choosing two nails, keep the transparent background, and use gold foil to make a gradient style. This combination will make the entire nail look gradual in both the whole and the part. A very refreshing manicure style, the girl who likes it can try it.


This gold-foil nail is a pink style. Overall, in addition to the gold foil embellishment, the whole nail is also embellished with cellophane. Under the sun, the whole will look very fairy and beautiful, and it will look kind of sparkling. But it doesn’t look too publicistic, so this nail is more suitable for student party. Favorite girl can try it.


This gold foil nail is a pumpkin-colored nail style. For the solid part, choose to paste metal texture on the root of the nail, or paste metal decorations on the nail surface. In addition, choose a few nails to make pumpkin-colored smudge styles, the degree of smudge is deep and shallow, with the gold foil embellishment, such a nail style that gives a warm atmosphere, favorite girls can try.


This gold-foil nail is a smudged nail style. This manicure uses a variety of blooming styles (except for the middle finger), and then combines the shell pieces and gold foil to decorate the nails. The middle finger is a pure pink background, and then with silver decorations, like wearing a necklace. The overall nail feels very stylish, this nail is more suitable for white-skinned girls. If you like it, you can try it.

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