What color does nail art show? Jinwei nail art pictures

If you want to say what kind of nail art best shows the girly temperament, it must be candy-colored nail art. The colorful colors make it look active in the mix of various fashion elements.

Candy color nail pictures

Candy-colored rainbow nails and cute cartoon patterns are super cute. This cartoon pattern will be more difficult to draw. If you are not confident about yourself, you can choose nail stickers.

Rainbow cartoon nail art

Naughty rainbow candy nails are also an essential element. Painting different expression patterns on rainbow candy makes the whole finger full of vitality.

Rainbow Sugar Nail Art

The following is really a test of painting techniques. Each finger and nail are drawn with different animal patterns. It is almost full of girls, who dares to say that you are not a girl.

Cartoon nail art pictures

The solid-colored nail art has a cute Mickey pattern, even if there are not too many patterns, it seems to have little female heart.Moreover, anyone who says that solid colors must look bad.

Nail Art

The plaid element is a very classic element, and it is not incompatible with the cute little squirrel pattern.

Plaid nail art pictures

If you don’t like various cartoon patterns, then you can try this simple smiley manicure, with matte texture and macaron candy color, cute and individual.

Simple frosted nail art pictures

Right, right. When it comes to girls’ hearts, pink elements are absolutely indispensable. The pink nails give people a sense of fairy-like fluttering, with the big red love, make the overall style brighter.

Pink love nail art pictures

If you think pink is too single, it doesn’t matter, we can add green elements, the combination of green and red is full of fashion sense, and it still has the fairy feeling.

Girly pink nail art

The last one is a smudged nail art. Choose the color of red bean paste and milky white for smudge. It will not be too dull or very obtrusive.

Marble Stained Nail Art

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